yoga on the lawn

by inspire a movement

How would it feel to be able to release some of the accumulated stress and anxiety from a long work week and other life obligations in a natural way that aligns with your desires for a healthier life?

Connect with the Inspire Community

Join us on our coming Yoga On The Lawn events!

These events are geared at fostering community and providing much needed stress relief through the practice of yoga. Yoga offers physical and mental benefits for people of all ages. Regardless of your level of yoga expertise, if you practice it regularly, you can feel much better.

Beyond helping you to manage stress, the practice of yoga can also help you increase your mental and physical energy, help you to sleep better, reduces body-wide inflammation and improves heart health, and improves strength, balance, and flexibility.

These events have the added benefit of being outdoors in beautiful settings that allow the participant to connect with nature in a deep and meaningful way. In joining the Inspire Community you will also benefit from a supportive community whose sole intention is to uplift, encourage, and empower you to be the best version of yourself.

The class offered is a Basic Flow Class or Yoga Fundamentals which is accessible to Beginner’s as well as Intermediate Yogi’s.

Please join us at anyone of the two events listed below. We can’t wait to meet you!


Cost: Free

Spring of Life United Methodist Church, 11101 Moss Park Rd, Orlando, FL 32832

Cost: Free

Park of the Americas, 201 Andes Ave, Orlando, FL 32807
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