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Our Story

We have been effectively occupied in the branding of Inspire A Movement for as long as we have been raising and nurturing our children. The concept is an extension of the multitude of community activities in which we have participated in over the years with our children and the profound impact that a host of civic or community organizations have had on our collective lives. We have been empowered, nurtured, and loved by caring strangers who have used their passions and gifts to help us steer in the right path and, ultimately, taught us to do the same for others.

As members of the Orlando community, my wife and I have been strong supporters of community organizations, such as the local YMCA and our local church. We have benefitted from volunteering and civic opportunities through the many relationships forged throughout the years and the positive influence of many on our two now grown sons. The concept for Inspire A Movement is an extension of the many positive experiences we have had and benefitted from through collaboration and being surrounded by many local citizens with a “pay it forward” mentality. Through Inspire A Movement, we are looking to meet, profile, and learn from the many global citizens doing their part to make our shared experience a better one. We seek to collaborate and feature leaders in the political realm, civic organizations, business leaders, public servants, teachers and leaders in academia, all as part of creating a space to learn, grow, and be inspired by the acts of our global citizenry.

Our overriding goal is to inspire and empower others to be the best version of themselves, to make a difference in the world through our actions, and to impact a positive change in people’s lives through our brand and engagements.

our founders


I was born in the Caribbean island of Dominican Republic but raised predominantly here in the United States, splitting time between the states of New Jersey and Florida. I have been an Orlando, FL. resident for nearly 25 years now and consider it my home city. I am an alumni of the University of Central Florida where I pursued a civil engineering degree and have been in the practice for nearly 20 years. I have been married for almost 20 years as well and have two now grown sons, which are my pride and joy. My favorite things to do include spending time with my family, traveling, playing basketball, volunteering, and writing. My passion is to help others through the power of my voice and actions and find that the true path to happiness and fulfillment begins and ends with giving of yourself to others.

sandra m. cabral

I was born in South America in the country of Colombia. I migrated to the United States in my late teens and lived for a short tenure in the state of Texas prior to moving to Florida. I lived in south Florida for a time with my family up to when I married and moved to Orlando with my husband. I have been living in Orlando for nearly 20 years now and have two handsome sons, which fulfill me daily. I am also an alumni of the University of Central Florida where I pursued a health services administration degree. I have worked in several different jobs but one of my most rewarding experiences has been as a travelling consultant, where I help people realize their dream vacations and wedding destinations. My favorite things to do include spending time with my family, travelling, dancing, volunteering, and exercising. My passion is to help others through missions both here and abroad. I would like to bring joy to others and make their lives easier to navigate.

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