March 28th-April 1st Costa Rica Retreat

The overall intent of this first-time offering was to provide an experience and space where the participant could truly disconnect from his or her everyday life and embrace a sense of renewal and renourishment from the everyday toil.  From our vantage point, mission accomplished!  Through some of the planned activities around the practice of Hatha Yoga, mindfulness and meditations, forest therapy, vegetarian cooking classes, wellness workshops (on letting go of past traumas, self-acceptance, and finding your life’s purpose and realizing a sense of balance), as well as some unexpected surprises, such as shamanic dancing around the fire place aimed at cleansing from the past and participating in coaching exercises like Points of You, we all experienced transformative change while immersed in a beautiful setting and with a wonderful collection of humans.  We would love to host you in beautiful Costa Rica on our upcoming retreat!  Rest and transformative experiences await you.

Retreat Gallery

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